Book Review: Stop Talking Start Influencing

Most speakers, trainers, teachers and leaders aim to inspire, engage, educate and entertain their audience. Unfortunately, in spite of their enthusiasm and passion for their topic, the skills and understanding required to make their message stick are lacking.

I am excited to report, all those who are interested in improving their speaking and presentation skills, Stop Talking Start Influencing is filled with relatable points and usable information. Jared Cooney Horvath opens a window allowing you to view the learning mind. Once the window is open, more effective teaching and studying strategies are certain. Interspersed throughout the pages are diagrams, activities, clearly explained concepts and a sense of humour. I couldn’t put the book down.Stop Talking Start Influencing introduced me to approaches I will now use in my presentations; as well as, methods I can apply to my learning. 

During the introduction, Jared Cooney Horvath promises foundations explored in this book are supported by scientific research, and everything will make perfect sense by the time you reach the end. Both these promises were fulfilled, and I feel I am now better equipped to make a lasting impact on my audiences. I highly recommend Stop Talking Start Influencing to leaders, educators and professional speakers. 

Exisle Publishing: AUD $34.99