How to post regular, engaging and shareable content.

As a business owner, a university student, parent, and lover of ‘me time’, I find it difficult to maintain the momentum required to post engaging content on all my online platforms regularly. I have many deadlines for my work and study life, and some were prioritised over posting. This, I have found, is counter-intuitive to my success; and the solution is an editorial calendar.

To create and publish a balance of messages to your target audience and community which educate, inform, entertain, inspire and problem solve requires a flexible and workable blog and social media networking calendar. This strategic tool will eliminate random posting, which does not convert to business, and focuses your activities on creating better ideas and better business and marketing practices.

Maintaining a rate of two to five engaging social media posts, and one blog post per week, will consistently and effectively promote your brand, product, service and build relationships. Furthermore, you can schedule posts ahead of time for specific topics and events. For example, national celebrations, awareness days, holidays, and seasonal issues.

Ten questions for you to consider when creating your calendar:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What interests them?
  3. What are other posts and blog topics in the same category or written for the same target audience?
  4. What are the trade publications writing about, and what’s on their editorial calendar?
  5. What industry news/posts are shared and retweeted the most?
  6. What is the competition writing about?
  7. What topics are trade shows covering in their workshops and roundtables?
  8. What trends are your managers or clients seeing?
  9. What types of articles interest your managers or clients?
  10. What publications do your managers or clients read, and what are the topics?

Your calendar can include posts for the social media platforms you use regularly and blog posts; as well as, including newsletters and other publications you may write for.

My top seven tips for scheduling posts and publications:

  1. Create a weekly post that highlights a cause you are inspired by, or a local business person who is making a difference.
  2. Schedule weekly or fortnightly posts that highlight testimonials or recommendations of you, your brand, your products or services.
  3. Schedule content to be shared at prime times of the day (take advantage of your page insights).
  4. What content can you use on various platforms and re-purpose?
  5. Post about awareness days that align with your key messages, public holidays, seasonal topics, current community and sporting events, and national special days.
  6. Connect with your audience by creating a personal post around shared public experience.
  7. Choose eye-catching images to compliment posts.

Finally, to generate top of mind brand awareness in your audience consider:

  • Problem-solving content
  • Business content
  • ‘Call to action’ posts
  • Personal content
  • Posting questions
  • Show you are regularly participating in community events
  • 1 – 3-minute video content
  • Inspiring and entertaining content
  • Sharing content from other industry or news sources that compliment your key messages

Monitor your results on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and make changes based on your evaluation each month, until you find the quality and reach of your content increases.

HubSpot offers a range of free content editorial calendars created for blogging, social media, and content campaigns. Instructions are provided, with some additional content management tips.

Please contact me if you require any professional support, strategy and content creation or team training.