Word to the Wise - Book Review

As a lover of words, my latest book review for Exisle Publishing was a treat. Word to the Wise is now included in my ‘go to’ word book resources. 

Every day we engage in communication tasks that call for accurate wording, tone and formulation. These tasks include social media posts, emails, marketing materials, reports, and business and personal messages. The author, Mark Broatch, has created a book that suggests proper word use for all these situations, and more.

The examples, explanations and language used throughout Word to the Wise assist readers to craft and create their own written messages with precision and confidence. I was delighted to find additional sections which included common social media abbreviations, often misspelt words and Mark’s bibliographical sources. Further, this book has an extensive A – Z list of confused and misused words, which I plan to choose a word from each week to use and share.

In an age of multiple channels of communication, Word to the Wise offer’s timely suggestions and reminders. For instance, clarify the purpose of what is about to be written, who the reader or audience is, have the right words been (used which are not misspelt, misused or could be misunderstood), and ‘the real writing is done in the rewriting’.

If you want to write clearly and persuasively, and you want your message to be received well and understood by the reader, and if you love words, I highly recommend this book for your work, study or home space.

Word to the Wise – available at Exisle Publishing– RRP $29.99