Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations

Kirsty O'Callaghan is a professional communication and brand strategist. Kirsty works with you to create connections, content and conversations to help shape public perception; and expertly delivers internal and external communication campaigns. In other words, getting the right message to the right people at the right time, through the right channels.

Currently, Kirsty has the opportunity to work with an amazing team of academics to expand on her vast corporate and business experience - undertaking PhD research at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Kirsty's research topic is 'The role of gender in effective climate change communication'. 

The ethical practice of public relations contributes to the sustainability of organisations, addresses the needs of communities and builds public and corporate citizenship. Public Relations’ influence on society is accelerating in a local-global environment that is changing with new media, new audiences and new opportunities.

Kirsty helps you manage and guide perceptions of your business and brand to attract new customers and strengthen relationships with existing clients and within your community. The focus is on becoming 'top of mind' to your target market, building and managing your reputation, and cultivating rewarding and profitable relationships.

PR Services Include:

  • Relationship and Reputation Strategy Development and Management
  • Employee & Community Engagement
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Issues & Crisis Management
  • Climate & Environmental Communication
  • Professional, Media, and Social Communication Writing

PR process:

  1. Meet and Discuss: During the first meeting, Kirsty will gain an understanding of your current needs, your goals, your industry, your team and your unique situation. She will discuss where you have come from, the struggles and wins you have experienced, and where, ideally, you want to end up. Additionally, you will learn more about the service Kirsty will be providing to you, how she works, and some actions you can take right now.
  2. Creating the Approach: Kirsty then develops your brief, strategy, plan, or campaign, with a range of recommended tactics, tools, checklists, and research-based rationale to support implementation, achievement and measurement.
  3. Meet and Discuss: During this meeting, Kirsty explains and coaches you all areas of your strategy, plan or campaign. Depending on the service you have selected:
  • Kirsty will run a workshop to train the team, or assigned team member, to implement suggested strategies, or
  • Go over the plan or program suggested and lock in further meetings or sessions to support package delivery, or
  • Present and clarify recommended strategy and manage the campaign.

Furthermore, Kirsty is an active advocate for women in business, a student leader at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and has won multiple awards for her community dedication. As well as her book, Separated by Work, she has a range of written products that align with her professional services in consulting, speaking, and workshops.

Awards include:

  • Queensland Resources & W.I.M.A.R.Q. Gender diversity champion 2017,
  • Brisbane Women in Business Awardee of Merit for community dedication 2016,
  • S.I.M.N.I. International Women’s Day Small Business Woman of the Year 2016, 
  • Lions Clubs International D.G’s Excellence in Service Award for outstanding community service 2015,
  • Social Media Marketing Institute Best Student Social Media Campaign finalist 2019, and
  • University of the Sunshine Coast, Academic Excellence Award 2020.