Real Communication - Book Review

We are all in the business of communication; whether it is writing an email to your children’s school, sharing a story with a friend, conducting a meeting with your team, attending a job interview, or public speaking. Even though sharing our message and stories with others is a fundamental part of who we are as a society, Real Communication seems to be a skill which challenges many leaders.

Real Communication, How to Be You and Lead True, by Gabrielle Dolan, was on my ‘holiday reading list’. I was hooked from the first page of the introduction where Gabrielle wrote, “We are crying out for leaders who are authentic and speak in a way that is real.” 

I found Gabrielle clearly and succinctly explained and gave examples of why I need to get real, how to engage and deliver with impact (my favourite section), and what it is to be an authentic leader and communicator. 

Part two, how we get real engagement, as mentioned above, was my favourite. Gabrielle reminded me with practical and meaningful examples of how to focus on the audience, define what I intend the audience to know, and to stop wasting words and time. As I turned the pages, I felt inspired to polish up my skills to enhance connections, increase trust, introduce my story effectively, and appropriately use emotion and visuals.  

Thank you, Gabrielle, you have inspired me to the next level of ‘keeping it real’, from family to leadership positions. The world of communication and leadership is changing, and this book is a must for those wanting to step up, keep up, be authentic and be heard.