The Science of Hope | Book Review

Currently, significant efforts are being made globally to conserve and protect many species on our planet, and The Science of Hope and its authors, Dr Wiebke Finkler and Scott Davis, are important contributors to these preservation endeavours. Dr Finkler's research focuses on visual media in strategic communication for promoting positive environmental and social change, and Scott Davis is a well-known international photographer who began his career as a wildlife and marine biologist. Without question, their interests, passions, and expertise are evident throughout the pages of this beautiful book.

As the reader turns the pages, they will realise this is more than just a picture book filled with stunning photos of nature and charismatic and cute animals. It is a book that accurately explains hope combined with the negative impacts of climate and human activity. What I loved the most about this book was that supporting these striking images are the detailed explanations and introductions to the featured animals and the stories of those active in education and conservation. These sections inform, inspire, and influence the reader's understanding of our connection with nature and our belief in our ability to participate and make a difference, globally or locally. 

Interwoven in the pages of The Science of Hope are theory, storytelling, beautiful imagery, thought-provoking statements, opportunities, and hope for the future. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, as it contributes to the climate solution, enhances feelings of hope and connection, and highlights that we all play a role in saving our planet.

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