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Social Media

Social Media

Kirsty O'Callaghan supports you to leverage the appropriate social media platforms to engage authentically with your target public. She aims to successfully connect with consumers and expertly inform, entertain and convert followers. In other words, communicate your company’s brand and message clearly online so you stand out from the crowd.

Currently, Kirsty has the opportunity to work with an amazing team of academics to expand on her vast corporate and business experience - undertaking PhD research at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Kirsty's research topic is 'The role of gender in effective climate change communication'.

Social media affects the political, business and socio-cultural spheres of our everyday lives. Subsequently, having an individually designed and researched social media strategy is vital for business and brand success. Also, with the prevalence of social media use, monitoring and measurement is now a necessary skill for organisations and businesses to improve their social media performance and protect organisational reputation.

Kirsty can save you time, and help you share your message, brand or product in an engaging, multi-platform experience, with the world. Results include building quality relationships with your community and your customers, gaining maximum engagement, excellent return on investment, and reaching expert or 'go-to' status. 

Social Media services:

  • Social Media Approach and Strategy Development
  • Concept Development and Content Creation – all online platforms
  • Online Engagement and Crisis Management Campaigns
  • Climate and Environmental Issues Communication
  • Professional and Social Communication Writing
  • Individual or Multiple Social Media Platform Support
  • Evaluate and Optimise Social Media Campaign Performance

Social Media Strategy | Campaign Creation:  

  • Meet and discuss: During the first meeting, Kirsty will gain an understanding of your current needs, your goals, your industry, your team and your unique online situation. She will discuss where you have come from, the struggles and wins you have experienced, and where, ideally, you want to end up. Additionally, you will learn more about the service Kirsty will be providing to you, how she works, and some actions you can take right now.
  • Create the approach: Kirsty then develops your customised comprehensive Social Media Strategy document with clear, actionable recommendations (based on analyses of your social media performance data, plus current industry and academic research) explaining how you can improve your business’ social media performance.
  • Meet and discuss: During this meeting, Kirsty walks you through the report findings, supporting information and checklists in clear language (no jargon) and provides advice on how you can implement the recommendations. Depending on the service you have selected: 
    • Kirsty will run a workshop to train the team, or assigned team member, to implement suggested strategies and content, or
    • Go over the plan or program suggested and lock in further meetings or sessions to support package delivery, or 
    • Present and clarify recommended strategy and provide selected social media management services.
  • You receive an electronic and hard copy of social media strategy and supporting information.

Social Media Management Services include:

  • Social media audit and strategy
  • Multiple social media platforms
  • Content suggestion and creation
  • Content curation
  • Selected images creation
  • Product | service tagging and link to a website
  • Upload short videos 
  • Audit and optimise online profiles
  • Create social media calendar 
  • Social media page set up 
  • Blog writing 
  • Group creation and management
  • Online customer service management 
  • Engaging with similar industries and audiences 
  • Monitoring and moderation

* Price for all services on application – contact Kirsty now

* A written services contract will be provided clearly outlining work agreed upon. 

Furthermore, Kirsty is an active advocate for women in business, a student leader at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and has won multiple awards for her community dedication. As well as her book, Separated by Work, she has a range of written products that align with her professional services in consulting, speaking, and workshops.

Awards include:

  • Queensland Resources & W.I.M.A.R.Q. Gender diversity champion 2017,
  • Brisbane Women in Business Awardee of Merit for community dedication 2016,
  • S.I.M.N.I. International Women’s Day Small Business Woman of the Year 2016, 
  • Lions Clubs International D.G’s Excellence in Service Award for outstanding community service 2015, 
  • Social Media Marketing Institute Best Student Social Media Campaign finalist 2019, and
  • University of the Sunshine Coast, Academic Excellence Award 2020.



  • Louise D'Allura
    Louise D'Allura

    Kirsty was able to develop a practical strategy that reflected a true understanding of my brands and vision. Kirsty combined her natural talents and evidence based recommendations to produce social media strategies that work. 

  • Dan Purdie
    Dan Purdie, MP, Member for Ninderry.

    Kirsty’s vast experience in communications and social media has not only helped us achieve our short term aim of increasing followers, but also provided us with the skills and knowledge to confidently manage our social media channels as they continue to grow.